The voice of 19 sheets

“The voice of 19 sheets” is a profound work that is made by Han Yu. Han is trying to represent and explain Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Freedom of opinion and expression) to the public in two different ways: literal and figurative.

For the choice of key material, Han decided to use white sheets. The reason was aimed to build a reference to the word “speech”. As one of explanation from English dictionary, “speech” means a form of communication in spoken language. We often see a presenter preparehis/her speech draft in paper or digital and a couple of sheets are in their hands or texts shown on laptop screen while they are giving a speech.As the most common and essential material in our daily lives, paper plays an important role. The right to express one’s opinion and expressionfreely is as fundamental as the role paper plays at our society. The whole statement ofArticle 19is being cut out words by words and sheets by sheets. 19 sheets per book and 35 hollow books in total are hanging through pipes in order. The text is invisible, but we can clearly see every word. Freedom is intangible, but you have it all the time.

The two electric fans below the words are blowing upwards the sentences and the paper is flipping under the action of the wind. The wind of freedom and the power of language. Due to the wind, the sound of paper is uncontrollable and free. This is Han’s understanding of the Freedom of speech.

*Entryway installation for exhibition: 70 YEARS UVRM - 70 YEARS FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a commission work for Human Alliance, UNESCO, Amnesty International, Free Press Unlimited and the College of Human Rights.