Power in the Female Beauty, 2018

This publication is a thesis work written and illustrated by photographer Patrycja Rozwora during her final bachelor year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

The whole concept of design was trying to divide texts and research images separately, while those two individuals pieces still belong to each other in a way. Therefore, the text part of the book can be read without the
image book, but only with text part of the book the images can be viewed completely.

Han Yu was trying to make the book more of an object than a book.  Combining the content of the essay itself, which is about femininity relating to the author’s practice of photography. He wanted to make the book with more standardized female symbolic elements. This is evident in the choice of typeface, red hue paper, and the cover strap that appears as a bra hook.

What more? In this thesis, the images that are selected by the author Patrycja Rozwora play an important role, and Han Yu applied a special approach to emphasize the content of the pictures in combination with texts.