Objective, True, Universal, Neutral, Timeless, 2017

It’s 2017 – the year of Alternative Facts. Not a bad time to have a hard look at past/present discourses around objectivity in graphic design. The adjectives below have been used (and may still be used) as criteria of good design. For this assignment I’d like you to typographically explore the complexities of these words, in a series of five digital posters (one per word).

(((((What do you think is the relevance of these terms now? Do they have any value to how you want to practise design? How dependent are they on cultural context? To which extent do these terms do justice to the complex realities of societies, communication, the design process? Do you have better words to propose? If the political right uses facts ‘creatively’ to misinform and abuse, can there be deviations from fact that are emancipatory and enlightening?)))))