Garment, 2018

“Details of a garment

Hierarchy within a garment

Research analysing the importance of details within a  white shirt.

Taking certain elements (cuff, collar, opening with  buttons) out of context to show their effect on the  characteristics of the shirt and how they create a  hierarchy between the parts by showing what  accessories  make a plain shirt to a formal wear. I  wanted to take a  closer look at these details to see  what happens if I  use them as standalone bits, will  they still carry  their associated meanings under  changed circumstances,  or they loose it.”

Eszter Kiss

“Garment” is a book on A2 format, which was made for a video work produced by textile artist Ezter Kiss.

This book starts with a video, and ends with video. Books, as still objects, are generally hard to find a link to connect with video. Static mental images and moving visual images are the biggest distinction between books and videos. Han tried to find a unique way to convert static images into dynamic ones. After some research and experimentation, he decided to adapt the tearing from original video work to solve this problem. Another reason for adapting this tearing method was because he was aware that the whole video work is about tearing the shirt, and he wanted to bring this method into the publication as well. He calls this as motion between pages.