Daily Herbology, 2017

Every time when we go to a park, a garden, or even just walk on the street, we see all kinds of plants. Some of them, you might know their name, some of them you might have seen before somewhere else. Yet, do we really know the plants apart from their appearance?

Often we only intake "plants" to fill up our stomachs, but often we ignore the role behind plants. Gradually, people have begun to realise the benefits of plants, especially herbs. It is unlikely that people start drinking hot tea with ginger or lemon just for the flavour. The reason behind it is they are trying to absorb the medical benefit of ginger or lemon by drinking hot tea. In our daily life, there are so many ingredients that contain medicinal values and benefits around us, and we know little about them.

Chinese ancestors discovered the value of herbs a long time ago. “Compendium of Materia Medical” compiled during the Ming dynasty by Li Shizhen, has detailed the characteristics of each herb and its effects on the human body.

Relying on his own cultural background and experience, Han Yuhas carefully selected 10 different herbs from different parts of plants, and explained each herb’s quality, meridians, actions and instructions based on Chinese reference.