An instrument,  A substance, A fluid and A tool, 2018

an instrument, used for writing or drawing;
a substance, used for writing or printing;
a fluid, used for writing or printing;
a tool, used for cutting.

While everyone is busy with their graduation work or graphic design work in general, we obviously care much about the result of the work rather than the materials used. Rarely, we think about how the materials were actually made while we are using them. For my graduation work, I want to work on the very beginning of the whole process instead of only a well-done piece. And I came up with the idea of creating my own tools. I have chosen four fundamental tools: paper, pens, ink and a knife.

By changing the value of trash, I decided to recycle the abandoned treasures from trash bins that are lying around school. I remanufactured new sheets of paper out of scrap paper, pens made out of empty glass bottles, ink made out of food waste (beetroot, coffee grounds, used tea bags and so on), and a knife made out of leftover workshop metal.